This morning I had a shoot in the exchange area and when we arrived we found the entire area covered in these scarves…..scarves wrapped around lamp posts, benches, railings, trees, the entire area with a piece of paper saying: “take this scarf if you’re cold….of if you like it…” I couldn’t help but just stand and look around at all the scarves…the time it took to make all these, the people that came and tied them all up…I was in complete awe. I have always loved Winnipeg, but this act of kindness and generosity reminded me afresh that there are many good people in our city….whoever did this. Thank you. Let’s all be extra kind this season. 

(Update: Since this post has gone up I have been told that this is put on by “Chase the Chill” in Winnipeg….all volunteers…so incredible…check them out!)