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Thanks for taking time to check out my photo blog!
I love to take pictures and capture relationships through my lens……I believe that pictures are an important part of life- they are worth the investment and it’s important to find someone who can capture you and your loved ones. I love doing family, couple and individual portraits and am great at getting the “real life” shots that show the true relationship between people. While I am photographing your session, I focus on helping you relax, making sure that you are having fun, and I do all I can to get shots of you being naturally you……no awkward poses! 
For those with kids…..I am a mom of three young kids so I come fully prepared. Candy, music, games……and patience!  I work hard at being able to capture your kids- all the different sides of their personalities. One of my favourite moments is when I show a parent a picture of their child from the back of my camera and the parents says “awwww that is so my kid- you’ve totally captured him/her.” I love that moment.
For you couples in love……no kids or with kids…. I use a few different techniques to get you really connected to each other through the session- I will lead you through some questions that you will talk about together- and that’s when I start taking the pictures. Capturing your heartfelt exchanges, smiles, laughs and kisses……I love doing couple shots- so beautiful and time to capture. 
Families. I love doing family sessions. It can be alittle crazy at times as we work through nap times, wardrobe mal-functions, different personalities all together……but that’s what makes it fun! I grew up in a family of 6 so I get the crazy and chaos! My style of shooting is not about everyone perfectly smiling and perfectly looking right at the camera…those are nice and all…..but the shots that I love? I love the shots where I capture the relationship between you guys- the shared smiles, hand holding, laughter, hugs and interactions…..those are the kind of pictures I love and are the ones that you will remember- they are the images that will remind you of your relationship as a family. And that’s the best thing. 
Thanks for taking to read all this…the best way for you to decide if I’m the photographer for you is for you to check out my stuff. Browse through my different posts or my galleries and then you will get a feel for my style of photography and you will know if we are a fit! 
If you like what you see, I’d love to hear from you and we can talk about booking a session for you!
Have a wonderful day!